From the desk of Vicar

Greetings to all in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Christ’s Resurrection- Celebration of Hope

Celebration is the essence of religion. If there is nothing to celebrate, it means that there had been no event. It is the event that gives meaning to celebration. Christian all over the world celebrate Easter this day to commemorate the greatest event, the reason of their being Christians, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It gives meaning and purpose to the celebration of Easter. Celebration is inevitably the celebration of joy. Easter thus is the celebration of a joyful event. Jesus rose from the dead and defeated the powers of evil and death and that is the joyful event.

Resurrection of Jesus is the sign of God’s loving interest in our world. The risen Lord appeared and the disciples touched him so that his rising may not remain a fable. If Good Friday is the day of blood, wounds and pain and death, Easter ‘day is the day of healing. With the resurrection of Jesus, healing of mankind is resurrected. Every triumph over the powers of evil is healing and every healing is a triumph. Only the marks of wounds remained and they are badges of triumph. The powers of darkness may knock us down but cannot knock us out.

The body and life is resurrected. The soul did not migrate to find a better body to live in. every Sunday Christians in their creed repeat that they believe in the resurrection of the body. In the book of Job, Job asked, “If a man die, shall he live again” (Job. 14: 14). The question was not answered until the resurrection of Jesus took place. Through the fact of the resurrection of Jesus, Christians believe that death is not the end of life and that the grave is not the goal of human destiny. Jesus said, “I am the way the truth and the life”. The proof of Christianity is resurrected when the way, the truth and the life is resurrected. Jesus is the symbol of love and forgiveness and of eternal communion with God. We love Jesus because he was crucified for us and we hope in him because he rose again from the dead and guaranteed us victory over death. Let us celebrate the Easter because it is the Celebration of hope.

Have a blessed Easter.

May God bless you all.